About Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is situated in the central part of Eurasia, in 1667 km east from Moscow. Geographical coordinates: 5650' NL, 6035' EL, 270 m above sea level.

The city is situated on the eastern slope of the Ural mountains, along the Iset river, and comprises four ponds Verh-Istsky, Gorodskoi, Parkovyi, and Nizhne-Isetsky.

Climate in Yekaterinburg is moderate continental characterized by changeable weather conditions and definite seasons. Temperature deviations and abnormal weather are peculiarities of Yekaterinburg: in winter from severe frosts to thaws and rains, in summer from heat to frost.

Average temperature in January -12,6 C.
Average temperature in July +19 C.

Yekaterinburg is an unusual city with developed industry and cultural and scientific live attracting more and more tourists and businessmen.

There are near 1.5 mln citizens in Yekaterinburg.

At present, there are over 30 museums, 600 monuments of history and culture, and a lot of architectural monuments of 19th century in the city.

Business life in Yekaterinburg is getting more vivid, a lot of business centers and exhibition malls attract more and more people.

The main square in Yekaterinburg is Square of 1905. Several times during its life it has changed its name. Before it was called Torgovaya, Tserkovnaya. Catherdralnaya.

The oldest construction of the city is the dam the place where the city was started to be built.

There are several unusual monuments in Yekaterinburg you shall look at. One is situated on Sibirsky aveny, near building 2. It is devoted to the plumber, called Afonya. Another monument is devoted to keyboard, called Klava. Is consists of 86 keys with letters and characters and looks like a real keyboard, but the scale differs. Each key weights from 80 to 500 kg. You can find this monument of the bank of Iset river. Its length is 12 meters. Not far from the entrance to Belinsky library there is a monument devoted to invisible man. And in Historical garden you will find Time capsule, embedded in Y1973, which shall be opened in Y2023.

Yekaterinburg is rich in war historical places. For example, Soviet Army Square with House of Officers its main element. One wing of the building is occupied with Ural District History Museum, near the museum there is an open-air exposition real defense machines. Not far from there you will notice the monument devoted to those died in Afghanistan Black Tulip. For tourists interested in war monuments, we advise to visit Pervaya konnaya monument erected in Y1995, and Sedoy Ural, erected in Y2005.

One of the largest orthodox churches in Yekaterinburg is Church-on-the-Blood, constructed on the place, where the last tzar family was killed.

There are a lot of historic landmarks in the city. One of them is Opera House. It was build in Y1912 in the spirit of best modern trends.

Visiting Yekaterinburg you shall go to the museums, each of them has its own atmosphere. For example:

  • Sverdlovsk Regional Local History Museum
    Wide collection of exhibits: weapon, icons, monuments, ethnographic collection, coins, lots of photos, and others.
  • Neviansk Icon Museum
    You can see icons painted in Neviansk. Over 300 unique icons. All the icons were created from 16th till 20th century.
  • Stone-Cutting and Jewelry History Museum
    The museum was founded in Y1992. On three floors you will see unusual exhibits from the collection. 1.5 meter vase made from Kalkan jasper is the only in the Urals.
  • Ural Architecture and Industrial Machines Museum
    The museum was opened in Y1975. You will find a collection of rear books, bulk machines from 18th and 19th centuries, and other exhibits here.

It is impossible to list all the sightseeing in Yekaterinburg. After visiting Yekaterinburg you will always remember the sights of this city.